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Competitive Advantage Through People BY Unleashing the Power of the Work Force
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Function as a unit. Workflow Management: Improve productivity
- Projects won't stall on someone's desk
- Teams stay on track and on time
- Assignments can't slip through the cracks
- Remote workers are kept in the loop
- Work gets finished even when team members change

Don't let your projects stall because someone went out of town, left the company, or just dropped the ball. Business Gateway "Task Manager" makes teamwork and knowledge-sharing a built-in workgroup feature. Through an automated review process, work is immediately visible for review, feedback, and revision, so assignments never slip through the cracks.

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Processes Cash Flow CRM

Client Relationship Management (CRM) + sms module + 5 users

This module is compulsory @  R513 pm

Setup and Training cost on request



R285 pm



R285 pm

2 Way sms

5 codes

R570 pm

Cash flow


R285 pm


Web request

R57 pm