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Client information at your fingertips

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Client Relationship Management

Need an edge?

You'll have important client information at your fingertips, wherever it's needed. Employees can be anywhere while helping a customer and still retain full access to the company client database.

Your mobile sales force can access customer records, while at a customer's site. They can provide immediate customer service on the spot

Imagine if you had full, secure access to all your business data, applications, and resources from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. Many small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners already do. They've extended their office networks to allow themselves, their colleagues, and employees to work from anywhere they happen to be.

Here's the beauty of BizGateway Business Systems: Once it's installed, you can add as many employees in as many places as you need. You don't have to worry about expensive provisioning in each branch offices store or site; a PC and an Internet connection will do the trick. BizGateway Business Systems handles all security and user authentication.

Is your business growing? You can have a new location or employee up and running in the amount of time it takes to flip open a laptop computer and connect to the Internet.

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Client Relationship Management (CRM) + sms module + 5 users

This module is compulsory @  R513 pm

Setup and Training cost on request



R285 pm



R285 pm

2 Way sms

5 codes

R570 pm

Cash flow


R285 pm


Web request

R57 pm