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Contact no: 086 1007325

Business Gateway is seeking to develop business partnerships with licensed operators in South Africa

Own and operate your own BizGateway agency

Business Gateway has been in operation for over 9 years.

The company is offering licensed operators the opportunity to acquire an licence in order to own or operate their own Business Gateway agency.

It is preferable that potential partners have experience within the business sphere. Interested parties are encouraged to respond to this opportunity by sending a CV to or send a sms “agent”  to  36244.

The operator should meet the following requirements

The company will provide full training for all the operators in Pretoria.

Further information and specifications are available on request.

Introduce clients to Business Gateway Online System

Setup and do training for clients on Online System

Introduce new developments to clients. Liaison between HQ / Client

Want to be a Branch owner? Want to be a Branch agent?